My Thoughts

Success won’t happen overnight. There will be several nights of depression caused by failures, mornings of perseverance fueled by passion and afternoons of discouragements along the way. Strive…strive harder!       —-@thekyrahbanks
I gave my everything. If this fails, I have nothing left but my determination.        —-@thekyrahbanks
I think, just because it did not work the first time, it doesn’t mean it won’t work forever. Study what went wrong. Change the approach. Improve.Try again and stay hopeful.           —-@thekyrahbanks
I see problems as challenges. And obstacles as learning opportunities on how I can make things better.  Never let a single mistake define you as a person, you can always… always!!! do the right thing all over again.         —-@thekyrahbanks
I think anything is attainable. It’s up to you how much time and effort you are willing give to achieve it.                                                   —-@thekyrahbanks
I see beauty in withered trees and life in falling leaves.          —-@thekyrahbanks
For me, beauty is not only seen by the eyes but must be felt through kindness.  —-@thekyrahbanks
There was a time I wasn’t confident to go out without makeup .  I was so depedent with makeup to make me feel bautiful. Now, I realized loving myself and accepting my flaws is much more beautiful than what makeup offers.           —-@thekyrahbanks

If you have the right attitude, wherever you go, you will succeed.        —-@thekyrahbanks
Every day I pray to God that He may help me to remain humble, kind and generous.         —-@thekyrahbanks
Ignorance and fear can blind us in so many ways and stop us in reaching our maximum potential. Dare to know. Dare to risk.          —-@thekyrahbanks
Most of the time, we travel so fast to the point we don’t enjoy anymore the journey           —-@thekyrahbanks



I think, “absence” is not always a measure of a person’s presence in our lives—-@thekyrahbanks
Surround yourself with people who encourage you.  Stay away from people who belittle your abilities.                                                 —-@thekyrahbanks
Happiness is not a matter of our status in life, but a matter of attitude.           —-@thekyrahbanks
I thank mean and cruel people…they test everyone’s kindness. It’s like a test of faith, whether to multiply evil with evil or cut the cycle by doing kindness to your enemies.        —-@thekyrahbanks
Death reminds us that we should seize every moment with our loved ones because we will never know when it will be the last…         —-@thekyrahbanks


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts

  1. Fateema Abdullah

    “I see beauty in withered trees and life in falling leaves.” – That’s a so beautiful one!


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