About Kyrah Banks


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♦Enthusiastic  ♦Creative   ♦Entrepreneur   ♦International Trader ♦A Servant-Leader  ♦Assumptionista  ♦Image Model   ♦World Traveler   ♦Licensed Professional Realtor  ♦Adventurous   ♦Proud Filipino   ♦Blood Type AB   ♦Bookworm  ♦Of Spanish Descent   ♦Devoted Born-Again Christian  ♦International Business Graduate   ♦History Lover   ♦An Innate Linguist ♦Goal-oriented   ♦Into Sketching & Arts  ♦A Summer Person  ♦Loves Playing with Colors   ♦Piano & Guitar Player   ♦Ps3 & PC Gamer   ♦Boardgame Collector   ♦Belly Dancer   ♦Theater Performer  ♦Organic Ambassador  ♦Stocks Investor    ♦Phlegmatic-Melancholic-Choleric ♦ 

An ordinary lady with a stomach full of cheeseburgers, a mind full of visions, a body that defies gravity and a heart made of chalcedony.


15 thoughts on “About Kyrah Banks

    1. thekyrahbanks Post author

      Haha! My great grandmother is a Japanese Translator during the war. I got from her the perfectionist and melancholic trait according to my grandmother. Haha but mostly Spanish Filipino.


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