My Favorites last ♥ AUGUST ♥

Here are my AUGUST Favorite Skin Care, Make Up, Clothing, Accessories, Healthy Goodies and Book ! 
Plus, some beauty and fashion advice!


Skin Care Favorites

Eyebags Patches with Gingko Biloba Extract

This can do miracles. I place the patches in my eyebags area then I sleep for 6-7 hours before I remove the patches. Voila! My dark circles and eye puffiness are gone!

This Eyebags Patches of Purederm has Gingko Biloba Extract and Phyto-Collagen. Gingko Biloba has anti-aging and antioxidant properties that can protect the skin from radicals. Phyto is another term for plant. Phyto Collagen is capable of repairing damaged skin and preventing wrinkles. I already wrote about this in my previous blog My 7 Beauty Essentials – PART 1 (read here…)

Recently, I have been playing Dead Island and Sims 3 until dawn these days. I look like a zombie myself!  I am so glad I found this!!!

| Price: $1.83++ / Php79.75++ / Euros 1.41++ | Available in : Watsons & Drug Stores |

Purederm Peel-Off Mask with Cucumber Extract

This my most favorite of all!!! This is a deep cleansing gel with Cucumber Extract is to be applied in the face, avoiding eyes and lips, and then leave it for 15-20 minutes. When the Cucumber Gel is already dry you can peel it off.

Whenever I use this I can feel my skin became smoother! The stubborn dirt will stick into the gel and then removed when you peel it.   *Important* Do not pull the mask off you face, just slowly peel the sides so it won’t damage your skin.

Cucumber Extract is not irritating to sensitive skin and it has anti-inflammatory properties. It contains a substance called Lutein that prevents skin discoloration caused by sun exposure. So, if you had been exposed to sun frequently it is advised to add cucumber solutions in your skin care to have a balanced skin color.

| Price: $2.00++ / Php89.00++ / Euros 1.54++ | Available in : Watsons & Drug Stores |

Prada Perfumed Body Cream

This smells so great! I usually put this after I shower. I apply a thin layer of Prada Cream Perfume in my neck near the ears, in my chest, in my nape, in my wrist, in the back of my elbow and in the back of my knee. I only apply once and it lasts for the whole day.

When I sweat or when the wind blows, I can smell the floral-woody scent of this creamy perfume.

| Price: $105.00++ / Php 4,570.00++ / Euros 81.00++ | Available in : Sephora & Prada Store |


Makeup Favorites

Etude Lips-Talk in  “Dear My Essence” (Code: BE103)

Based in my skin color, coral lip shades suites me best. This lipstick is creamy and keeps my lips moisturized. It gives a deep coral a bit orange color in my lips.

This Etude Lipstick became my favorite because it prevents my lips from dryness while providing an excellent color.

| Price: $10.97++ / Php 478.00++ / Euros 8.50++ | Available in : Etude & Beauty Stores |
NYX Soft Matter Lip Cream in  “Buenos Aires”

This shade is in Light Peach color. I usually use this when I do subtle dark shade smokey-eyes. What I love in this NYX Lip Creme is that it give a totally Matte finish that I like, plus it doesn’t smudge!

MAKEUP ADVICE :      Use light-shade lipstick to compliment dark shade eyeshadow. While dark-shade lipstick must be used for light shade or no eye makeup looks. This must be observed to maintain balance in the face.

Dark lips with dark eye makeup gives too much intensity and gives an impression of overly done makeup. Light lips with light eye makeup gives a pale and undone look.

| Price: $6.00++ / Php 280.00++ / Euros 4.60++ | Available in : Sephora & Online Stores |


Clothing Favorites

H&M Aztec Shorts

Black and white combination of Aztec design can match and compliments any “plain” colored top like red, blue yellow and other colors.

FASHION ADVICE :     It is important that we don’t match printed top with printed shorts or bottoms, because it looks overdone and over decorated. Choose only one printed clothing that you want to emphasize by partnering it with something plain.

| Price: $20.00++ / Php 899.00++ / Euros 15.93 ++ | Available in :H&M |


High-Waist Lace  Ribbon Shorts in Grey

I love the uniqueness of this shorts. I like it even more because it is in Lace!!! I usually tuck-in my top to show  the ribbon. Since it is grey, I can pair it with any color.

| Price: $8.03++ / Php 350.00++ / Euros 6.20++ | Available in : Online Stores |


Tank top with White Lace Accent in Light Peach

I am so attracted with the lace details in this top. It can be paired with a skirt to give a “Sunday-look”, or it can be partnered with a white pants to look classy.

| Price: $9.64++ / Php 420.00++ / Euros 7.40++ | Available in : Bazaar & Online Store |


Bershka Knitted Sweater in Light Old Rose

Even it is simple, I like the details and the design of the knits. This is good in keeping me warm against cold breeze and rainy days.  Old Rose is my favorite color this month!

| Price: $34.32++ / Php 1,495.00++ / Euros 26.50++ | Available in : Bershka Store |


Accessories Favorites

 Jeweled Eiffel Tower Duo-Ring


This ring can hold two fingers. When I hold something like a glass or my phone the Eiffel Tower Ring is standing. Moreover its embedded jewels are flashing.

| Price: $18.00++ / Php 785.00++ / Euros 14.00++ | Available in : Jewelry Store or Online |


 Hand-Woven Body Bag made of Pineapple leaves and Nipa

I love buying handmade and organic raw products. This is a Philippine-made pineapple leaves and nipa woven bag. The bag is sturdy and fashionable at the same time. I use this kind of small bags when I’m going out for short period of time that contains wallet, keys and phone only.

| Price: $4.15++ / Php 180.00++ / Euros 3.20++ | Available in : Filipino (Asian) Store |


 Black and Gold Bracelets


Black bracelets looks good in fair skin. It gives an accent to your outfit. You may use this together with a tank top, shirt or a black dress.

| Price: $8.72++ / Php 380.00++ / Euros 6.75++ | Available in : Jewelry Store |


 Long Silver Earrings 


This earrings is 2-inches long. I like this because it gives my body an impression of a taller look.

| Price: $18.34++ / Php 799.00++ / Euros 14.16++ | Available in : Aldo Store |


Healthy Favorites

 Berocca Vitamins


This is very effective on treating dizzy hangovers. I take this as well when I feel I’m going to catch a cold. There are days that I feel so weak from Krav Maga training, I will just take one tablet of this then I’ll be fuelled with energy.

Vitamin B-Complex contains 8 B Vitamins that helps our body energized because it turns our food into energy fuel. It has the capacity to prevent migraine and memory loss. In addition, it keeps the hair and skin healthy.

Zinc, on the other hand, strengthens our immune system and makes healing fast. It activates as well the 100 beneficial enzymes.

While Magnesium benefits the transmission of nerve impulses. It is responsible as well for energy production and body detoxification.

Just put one tablet in a cold water, let the tablet dissolve in just few seconds then drink it.

| Price: $9.00++ / Php 395.00++ / Euros 6.95++ | Available in : Drugstore |


 Lemon Ginger Twinings Tea

 Whenever I acquire wounds, I would drink ginger tea to fight infection and to hasten healing. Infected wounds will not heal. Ginger can reduce nausea and inflammation of muscles. If you are experiencing menstrual pain, ginger can relieve pain and helps relax the muscles. While if you frequently drink alcohol, taking ginger tea will help remove the harmful toxins in your liver.

What I love more about this tea is that it has Lemon!!!

Lemon can help reduce headache and fatigue. On stressful situations Lemon tea is highly recommended because it can easily calm the nerves. Lemon helps flush out of our body the unwanted toxins and excess mucus. It contains high amount Pectin Fiber that can help fight unnecessary food craving and will result to effective weight loss.

| Price: $17.04++ / Php700.00++ / Euros 12.72 ++ | Available in : Any Supermarket |


 Oaties Milk of Oishi

What? Oats and milk combined in one drink?! When I first tasted this, I felt heaven in my mouth! It is so delicious I almost finish one liter in a day!

The fiber in oats called Beta-Glucan can help remove bad cholesterol and keep the good ones.

| Price: $1.50++ / Php65.00++ / Euros 1.15 ++ | Available in : Any Supermarket |


 Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon

The story is about a multi-billion company that is newly under control by a witty heiress who is being hunted by an unknown dangerous murderer. The book vividly describes the  famous places from Italy, Paris, Switzerland and London. 

| Price: $ 8.24++ / Php 359.00++ / Euros 6.36 ++ | Available in : Bookstores |

Always keep in mind, a balanced life is a happy life. —Kyrah Banks
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Phyto Collagen (
Cucumber Extract (
Vitamin B Complex (
Zinc (
Magnesium (
Ginger (
Lemon (
Oats (

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