My 9 Hair Essentials : Avoid Hair fall and Dry Hair

        The common dilemma of almost all women are their nearly-dying dry hair and excessive hair fall. I am going to share with you my secrets on keeping my hair soft, shiny and healthy.


1) Apply Calamansi / Lemon extract into your scalp

I do this regimen once a month. Slice the Calamansi / Lemon into half. Squeeze it so it will produce the extract then rub it into your scalp. Leave it for 15-20 minutes before washing your hair.

It has antiseptic properties to prevent getting dandruff. It gives the hair a natural shine and an amazing sweet-citrus smell.

| 3/4 kilo Price: $0.23++ / Php10.00+ / Euros 0.17++ | Available in : Supermarket |


2) Go nuts! Eat nuts!

Nuts have Selenium that are beneficial to your scalp. They can naturally condition your hair because of the Omega 3 Fatty Acid in nuts. Zinc is consumed as well in eating nuts. It helps prevent excessive hair fall.

| Mixed Nuts 130g Price: $3.37++ / Php145.00 / Euros 2.46++ | Available in : Supermarket |


3) Have a Hot Oil Treatment once a week. 

Salon hot oil ranges from P250.00- P400.00 ($5 – $9 ++ / Euros 4-7++). Buying your own hot oil and doing it at home will save you money. I use this the next day after I curl my hair. I focus on the tips of my hair because that area dries easily.

I love Silk Secrets One-Minute Hot Oil. It has Aloe Vera with Vitamin E and C. Even I apply this for only 5 minutes, I already get the soft and silky result.

| Price: $3.93++ / Php169.00 / Euros 2.86++ | Available in : Watsons and Drugstores in Asia |

4) Don’t shampoo your hair daily. 

Use a shampoo that suits your preferences. Nowadays, there are several shampoos in the market that offer different effects in your hair, like anti-dandruff, straightening, thickening and many more.

I am using Sunsilk : Smooth & Manageable Shampoo with Keratin Yogurt & Nutri-Complex. It makes my hair smooth and easy to comb. I love as well the smell of this shampoo.

|180ml Price: $6.71++ / Php290.00+ / Euros 5.00+ | Available in : Online and Groceries |

5) Avoid applying Conditioner in your scalp.

Years back, I experienced excessive hair fall. To make myself at ease, I went to a dermatologist (they handle as well scalp care). My dermatologist advised that I should not put directly the conditioner into my scalp. She said conditioners are for the hair not for the scalp.

Putting conditioner into your scalp will make it extra oily and prone to dandruff. To recover from too much hair fall, apply fresh Aloe Vera into your scalp.

Of all the conditioner I tried, this Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense Conditioner is the most effective when it comes to hair fall prevention.

| Price: $6.5++ / Php280.00+ / Euros 4.85++ | Available in : Online and Groceries |

6) Do not use a brush in combing your wet hair.  

Using a brush can easily uproot your wet hair. You may use this kind of comb while your hair is wet.

Clean your comb and hair brush once a month. Dirt tend to pile up in the inner corners of the comb/hair brush.

| Price: $8.85++ / Php385.00+ / Euros 6.61++ | Available in : Online and Drugstore |


7) Put a Hair Protection Solution in your hair. 

This kind of solution must be applied to your hair after shower. It will protect your hair from dryness caused hair blower, hair iron  and sun exposure.

I am using Affinage 24 / 7 Heaven Hair Cuticle Sealer. It has orange extract in it that makes the hair shine. It has Lavender as well that makes hair soft and manageable. This Affinage solution  helps detangle stubborn messy hair.

| Price: $23.10++ / Php1,100+ / Euros 17.35++ | Available in : Online and Salons |

8) Use the “Cold” setting of your blower when drying your hair. 

Before I comb my hair, I let it dry using a hair blower.  Too much heat in your hair can cause hair damage and dryness. That’s why most often I switch the settings to Cold Blower. Although when styling my hair, I use the Heat Setting of my blower.

| Price: $47.89+ / Php2,100.00+/ Euros 36.07+|Available in :Electronic Stores & Beauty Stores |

9) Use a Mousse before curling your hair using a hair iron. 

Mousse is used to maintain the hold of your hair when you style it. I recommend you apply this to your hair before using hair iron / curler. This will also protect your hair from heat damage.

| Price: $6.35++ / Php280.00+ / Euros 4.80++ | Available in : Online and Drugstore |


Full acceptance of your own distinct beauty is much prettier than any beauty improvements. –Kyrah Banks
All the images used in this blog are photographed by me.

5 thoughts on “My 9 Hair Essentials : Avoid Hair fall and Dry Hair

      1. Liz Morgan

        Thank you! I appreciate it! I love the products and they are excellent. I am spreading the word, so I appreciate it! There are several products that are new so if you get the chance to try them please do and let me know!

  1. Fateema Abdullah

    Thanks for these tips Kyra, you’re right conditioner is not to be applied on the scalp. But I don’t know how in the world I always do this mistake when I use my conditiner lol, it’s like I experience a memory lss the time I condition my hair


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