What’s on My Travel Bag? : MUST BRING!!!

I will share with you the important clothing, documents, and gadgets you should bring when traveling. I will also give tips on the types of bag you should use and the things that should be on every bag.

Since I handle International Marketing of our company, most of the time I am either out of town or out of the country. Aside from that, my family would sometimes tour 4-5 countries in a month or go on a cruise. With these different occasions and purposes, the things I bring vary. In general, here are the things I bring when I travel:


Before packing any clothes, check the weather and temperature forecast of the place you are going to. From there, pack the appropriate clothing to keep you comfortable, in style and according to the country’s customs.

Comfortable. If you know that the tour you will be getting will require you to walk a lot and the pathway is steep, then you should not be wearing heels! You should bring flats or rubber shoes.

 We walked the whole day so I wore my Chucks

In- Style. Before I pack, I usually research and read useful information about the country I am going to visit. This includes searching for the latest fashion trend in the place.

  In Portugal

Country’s Customs. The clothes that you should pack should be according to the country’s customs and laws. There are countries wherein women must not expose their ankles and their whole faces. Sometimes, a single woman must not travel alone. She must be accompanied by a man. Other countries are sensitive to certain topics that relates to tragedies and some words that will offend them. I know of someone dear to me who took a picture of something and the police arrested him for doing it. So not every scenes are allowed to be photographed. Be knowledgeable of all these or you may ask someone who already traveled to the country you are visiting. You don’t want to be arrested, do you?

In Mt.Fuji, Japan


With all that precautions in mind, you should pack the following:

Casual Clothing

♦ Tops & Shirts    ♦Pants, Skirts, Shorts    ♦Cardigans   ♦Dress

Windmills, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Business Clothing

♦ Long & Short Sleeves Shirt    ♦Slacks     ♦Long Skirts    ♦Blazers


Weather Based Clothing

♦ Swimwear    ♦Goggles     ♦Coat    ♦Scarf    ♦Sweater   ♦Jackets    ♦Raincoat

IMG_0887 IMG_0885


The coat that I wore here was for not-so-cold sunny weather on December. It is made of silk just enough to keep me warm from the cold breeze. This was in St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Rome during Christmas season.

I am wearing here a woolen red coat and I partnered it with a fur neck warmer. My pants are faded black & grey. This was during my 22nd birthday in Olympus, Greece where the Ancient Olympics were held.

Now, this is the kind of coat perfect for rainy season or white winter season. The outside layer of this coat is resistant to water/snow. This coat will prevent water/snow on wetting the clothes you have inside even if you roll into the snow. There are some coats like this that has either silk or wool in the inner layer to keep our body warm. This was during a Snow “War” with my family in Mount Titlis, Switzerland.

The Basics

♦ Underwear    ♦Bra    ♦Sleeping Clothes    ♦Warmers    ♦Socks    ♦Stockings   ♦Bathrobe

IMG_0935This is my Undies Pouch



My woolen leg warmers, socks and pajamas.



♦ Watch   ♦Bracelets   ♦Necklaces  ♦Rings ♦Hat/Cap/Bidet


 I usually use this bidet whenever I’ll be exposed in the sun too much & to give shade in my face.  In the streets of Rome, Italy going to the Vatican City.


I used this elegant black headpiece during our dinner Cruise on my birthday in Sydney, Australia.



♦ Slippers     ♦Flats/Sandals     ♦Heels   ♦Leather Shoes   ♦Rubber Shoes   ♦Boots



This looks good in pants.


Use boots that are water/snow resistant as well so your socks will not get wet. Apparently, I died on this snow fight in Switzerland!!! haha

I can hear your thoughts, “How will I pack all these?!” Don’t worry, I’ll be posting a separate Traveler’s Tip on Packing. *wink


For Bathing

♦ Soap    ♦Facial wash   ♦Shampoo & Conditioner    ♦Towel

After Bath

♦Toothpaste & toothbrush   ♦Floss  ♦Mouthwash   ♦Lotion   ♦Body Oil   ♦Deodorant   ♦Comb  ♦Cotton   ♦Cotton Buds   ♦Sunblock/ Sun Tan Lotion (Beach Trip)  ♦Contact Lens   ♦Contact Lens Antibacterial Solution   ♦Razor & Shaving Cream


Make Up

♦Toner   ♦MakeUp Remover  ♦Sunscreen for Face  ♦Moisturizer   ♦Eye Cream  ♦Liquid Foundation  ♦Concealer  ♦Powder Foundation  Blush On   ♦Travel Size MakeUp Brushes   ♦Eye Shadows  ♦Bronzer   ♦Highlighter    ♦Oil Blotting Sheets     ♦Lipbalm


My small travel makeup tools. Although I bring my regular makeup brushes whenever we go in a cruise. We have formal dinners and parties every night, so I will be needing a complete set.


I keep my MakeUps in this pouch with layered foam, so it prevents the makeups into breaking.

Other Necessities


♦Tweezers   ♦Nail Cutter & Nail File     ♦Sewing Kit    ♦Sanitary Napkin    ♦Pantyliner     ♦Tissue Paper    ♦Wet Wipes

Small Medical Kit

♦Prescribed medicine by your doctor/s    ♦Ibuprofen(Reduces Pain & Inflammation)  ♦Paracetamol(Reduces Fever)  ♦Antihistamine(For Allergies) ♦Multivitamins   ♦Other medicines for cough, colds, diarrhea & motion sickness (Ginger can aid the motion sickness) ♦ Laxative(Regulates Bowel Movement)


You can buy a packaged basic first aid kit in drugstores. Mine here, includes a pouch already.

Bags & Luggage

Below are the bags that I bring when I travel:

1) Shoulder bag 

I bring this kind of bag on the plane or when I am out for a tour or meeting for the whole day. Below are the things I have inside this bag:

♦Passport    ♦Tickets (airline, train or ship)    ♦Itinerary ♦Shades   ♦Credit & ATM Cards    ♦Pen     ♦ Identification Cards  ♦ Hotel Voucher    ♦ Cash Foreign Money  ♦Travel Insurance  ♦ Maps  ♦ Contact List of Travel Agency, Embassy, Hospital, Police and Banks  ♦Book / Magazine  ♦Cellphone  ♦Earphones  ♦Basic Medicine Kit  ♦Toothbrush & toothpaste   ♦Jacket & Scarf (in case the airplane blanket is not enough to keep you warm)   ♦Ear plugs & neck pillow




2) Luggage

I have three different types of luggage.

(a) I have a luggage that can fit clothes and pants good for 2-3 weeks.


(b) Another luggage is large enough to fit winter clothes, coats, gowns and business attires. This kind of luggage will not wrinkle my clothes.


(c) For 3-5 days trip, I have a small luggage that is just right for a short trip.

3) Small bag

I usually use this when I tour and I know I will walk around for so long. It contains the following :

♦ Photocopy of my Passport    ♦ Itinerary    ♦Wallet with the Cards, I.D.s and Cash   ♦Pen  ♦Travel Insurance  ♦ Maps  ♦ Contact List (Tour guide’s number) ♦Shades  ♦ A small travel diary  ♦Video / Camera   ♦ Charger     ♦ Tripod  ♦Extra memory card (just in case your camera’s memory is full  ♦Cellphone   ♦BasicMakeUp Kit to retouch  ♦ Alcohol   ♦Wet wipes ♦Umbrella (must be checked-in and not hand-carried at the airport, it is prohibited)



IMG_0874I have the three different cameras : Underwater Camera, Digital Camera  and Canon SLR (I was using it to take this). If I am traveling alone or with someone, I usually bring this Selfiepod and SLR Tripod.

I use SLR for art photography purposes.


I love taking pictures in the water using my Underwater Camera.



Choose a light-weight small travel notebook wherein you will write your experiences and contact numbers of your tour guide or new friends.


Usually City Maps are available at the airport or in the subway.


4) Hand-carry bag

Most of the time I shop too much and they will not fit in my luggage anymore. So bring this just in case I’ll need it. *wink


5) Laptop Bag

For work-related travels I bring my laptop for presentations and seminars. Whenever I’ll be gone for 3 weeks or more, I bring it to post pictures or to back-up my camera.


Travel. Learn new cultures. Gain new friends. Live your life as if it will be the last.
Always on the run,
~~Kyrah Banks





14 thoughts on “What’s on My Travel Bag? : MUST BRING!!!

    1. pamelakishaandrada

      hi kyrah, i am in search for the perfect makeup BRUSH set, and i saw your set with protective covers… i wonder if you could help me choose brush sets from the most affordable brands to the slightly expensive ones but are reliable? thanks and i really would appreciate your response!

  1. Feline Creatures

    Great items to pack for traveling! Love your gucci tote; it looks really roomy for all your essentials, not to mention the yellow lining gives it a great pop of color! 🙂 – Lena

    1. thekyrahbanks Post author

      Hi Pam 🙂 Try Dollface brushes. I personally like the bristles of their brushes, so soft. You can buy it in The Ramp in Ayala Malls. The brush sets range from P700-P1,200.


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