For Travelers, This is For You : On Process

I let my readers vote what I should blog next, and this topic won,

“What’s on My Travel Bag? : MUST BRING!!!”

I am working on it for days now. I will do my best to post it tomorrow.


My trip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy before heading to Venice.

With work in the office piling up, I am exerting extra effort to finish taking photographs of the things one should bring when travelling.
You know me, I am a very visual person. I want you to see actual photos of my Travel Essentials.
I would like to thank the people who voted this topic, nice pick!
Anyway, enough talking…I mean typing. I better finish my tasks.
With passion & enthusiasm,
Manage time wisely. It is actually the scarcest treasure of all for people who have a lot to do. —Kyrah Banks


1 thought on “For Travelers, This is For You : On Process

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