How to Handle Critics

One of my readers asked me how I handle my critics. So here’s how…

How to Handle Critics

1) Assess the Critic.

There are different kinds of Critics and you have to recognize what kind of critic they are so you know how to react and how it will affect you.

There are Critics that I want to call the DestroyerThey criticize to discourage you into doing great things. The Destroyers are simply insecure and threatened of your presence. They want you to look bad and to make themselves look better. When they critic you they have this negative aura in them. All they want is to destroy you and for you not to recover.

Another critic is what I call the NaturalThere are people who are born to critic. Criticizing something or someone is natural to them. When you get to know them you’ll be surprised that the Natural grew up from a family of critics. It’s like a family trait. They just can’t stop criticizing and they always have an opinion on anything. They didn’t mean to harm but they are just being themselves…natural critics.

And my favorite critic is the Chisel. The Chisel are concerned individuals who really care about you and want to improve you. These are the critics you want to keep. They give criticisms and pin-point your flaws with love. Their criticisms may sometimes offend you but the Chisel will help you attain your better self. Like a Chisel, they will remove your bad traits and keep the good ones.

Before labeling other people, check yourself first. You might be one of any of these critics.

2) Assess the Criticism.

Assess if the criticism will do you good or do you bad or you shouldn’t waste your time in it.

A criticism that will do you Good pushes you to enhance and to correct yourself. Listening to Good criticisms will save yourself from self-destruction, embarrassment and danger. This Good criticism will make you more like-able.

The criticisms that will do you Bad are meant to destroy you. The words are hurtful and you will feel disappointed on yourself. This criticism will make you belittle yourself and have self-pity. It will sometimes crush your dream and not pursue it anymore. Be careful with this, filter what you listen to and what not. You may use the Bad criticism to fuel yourself in doing your best and prove them wrong.

And there are criticisms that you should Ignore. These are the obvious facts that you already reconciled with yourself that is true and unchangeable. These are criticisms that you accepted as correct and innate to you. For example a critic told you, “You’re a bad singer”. You admit deep in your heart you really cannot sing well. This criticism will not hurt you anymore because you already accepted your inborn trait.

You ignore as well criticisms that are temporary. Like for an instance, “You are so poor.” Poverty is temporary. You may not have money right now, but with hardwork and perseverance you’ll succeed. There are several people in history who were born poor but they were able to get out from poverty with their diligence.

3)  Lastly, assess yourself.

Before reacting to the Critic and the Criticism, ask yourself they might be right. Probably what you are doing is wrong and offensive. Probably the criticism encourages you to change for the better. Maybe those words are meant to toughen you up and push you to do your best. If the criticism is correct, think of measures to improve yourself. If the criticism is not true, then show them and prove them wrong.

Be strong. There will always be people around who will critic you or say hurtful words. I tell you, you know yourself than anyone else. Be humble as well to admit your mistakes and enhance yourself.
Never stop improving. 
♦♦Kyrah Banks♥
Featured Photo Model : Kyrah Banks 
Photographer : Albert Cuino 
Make Up Artist : Kaycee Lim 
Stylist / Wardrobe : Pink Closet
Ephesians 4:29     Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.
Romans 12:3     For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.

4 thoughts on “How to Handle Critics

  1. wlloydjr

    I know I run into criticism here and there about my novel. I usually hear a lot of good. Occasionally bad. I enjoy some of the bad ones only because it helps me understand my audience better. Now when the good criticism outweighs the bad sometimes I make an effort to win them back. Hopefully my second book will do that.


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