DIY : Baby Shower Ceremony – The Creative Bib

My friends and I organized a surprise Baby Shower for our college friend. And here’s what we did…


   My friend just came from her check-up when I told her that I have to meet her in the mall because I am going to give her something. While my friends back in my condominium are in panic organizing the decorations in the function room that I reserved beside the pool area.

I cooked my own version of Hungarian Sausage Creamy Carbonara (which I’ll be blogging soon), and Air-Fried Cheese Hotdog.  I cooked Carbonara because I remember back in college she used to eat it most of the time.

IMG_7304 All of us never experienced attending a Baby Shower! haha! So with thorough research and brainstorming we come up with our own version of Baby Shower.

After surprising her, we proceed on praying for the baby, the mother and for the food.

We, the organizers, haven’t eaten lunch!!! The time we started the Baby Shower was already 4 p.m. We were really famished! But it was worth our time and sacrifice. We made our friend and her baby happy.

After eating, our friend, Magic, showed her Balloon Twisting skills. Then we proceed to the main event.

We took time away from the Mother to do our Creative Bib.

The Creative Baby’s Bib

We bought a plain white no-print baby’s bib and then we decorated it using colored markers and shirt paint. This was Magic’s idea.

We designed in the bib the gift of traits and etcetera. Once done, we explain the gifts to the Mother and then we pray that Mireille will attain those gifts.

Here are the bibs that we made:

 Trish gave baby Mireille the gifts of
Happiness, Peace of Mind, Strong Faith and Finding True Love.


Zecha gave baby Mireille the gifts of
Physical Beauty, Beautiful Heart and Receiving Unconditional Love.
Magic  gave baby Mireille the gifts of
Kind Heart and Bright Future.


I gave baby Mireille the gifts of
Wisdom in making the Right Decisions and a handsome, loyal & rich Husband.  Haha!


Together with our gifts, we gave the bib to the Mother. We took a video of the whole ceremony so when Mireille turned 18, we will play it on her Debut Party.

Do something special today.
♦♦ Kyrah Banks ♥

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