My 7 Study Habits : How to Always Score an “A”

Do you want to perfect a quiz or pass an exam? Do you dream to be a top student or pass the board exam?


Here are my 7 Study Habits that I do back when I was still studying. These are my secrets on having high scores during exams and winning Quiz Bs.

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You may not expect this. Behind my carefree and party-goer personality, I am a nerd. hahaha! I was a consistent honor student from  preschool to college. I have the reputation of perfecting tests.

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1) I manage my time properly. I set  aside a specific time/day for studying.

This is very important. If you don’t have a study habit yet, this tip is a good start. For me, I set 2 hours Study Time in the afternoon and 3 hours early in the morning. In the afternoon I read and write my reviewer. And then, I wake up 3 a.m. to memorize because during that time it’s very quiet and no any form of disturbance. I study almost every day except Friday and Saturday.


2) I highlight important words and definitions briefly.

Avoid highlighting the whole paragraph. Just choose the primary definition of a word/subject. Just highlight phrases. I apply thick highlight for important words/subject, and I put thin highlight to the definition.


3) I have  a Reviewer Notebook.

Whenever I read and highlight, I transfer them in my Reviewer Notebook. The subject is in the left side and the definition is in the right side. I have a different section for enumeration.


Chewing something like  gum or peanuts will help you remember what you are reviewing faster. (Young, E. “Chewing gum improves memory”. June 2014)

4)  Play a guessing game with your reviewer.

For me, this is fun. In order for me to memorize, I cover the Subject (left side), and then read the Definition (right side). After reading, I will guess what Subject it is pertaining. Then, I will remove the cover to check if my guess is correct.  If not, I have to repeat.

This exercise is good if you will be having Fill-in-the-Blanks and Multiple Choice. If the exam will be giving the meaning of a Subject then you have to cover the Definition section (right side), and  then try to state the meaning.


Do this repeatedly, and you will have the confidence on your quiz or exam.

5)  Understand what you are memorizing and use Mnemonics.

You don’t just memorize, you have to understand its relevance. In this way, it is easier to recall. And even if your teacher/professor will use different wordings of the definition in the exam, you will not be lost.

Mnemonics is very helpful in memorizing enumerations. Just get the first letters of each subject and re-arrange it into a memorable word. Like for example, you have these first letters S L W Y A A. You may re-arrange it into A L W A Y S, which can be easily recalled.

I relate the numbers to something memorable when memorizing dates or numbers. For example, 17 is the birth date of my brother or October is the birth month of my mother. So when asked about a specific date, I will just recall those memories and I’ll be reminded of the number.

6)  Practice. Practice. Practice.

This tip applies to Math, Accounting and Physics. Try re-answering those examples or quizzes given to you by your teacher/professor. And then check your work if it is correct. If you made mistakes, find out where you went wrong in the equation. And then repeat answering it again. You may use the exercises from books to practice. After several practice, you will increase your skill in answering equations fast or do some Mental Math (no pen & paper).  *wink


This is effective as well on Law subjects. During our International Law and Laws in Partnerships & Corporations back in college, our professor gave us 100 items enumeration test. These enumerations were in “SENTENCES!!!”. Memorizing five words or so is easy, but memorizing 100 sentences is so hard!!!

Anyway, here’s what I did : I tried to understand the meaning of the sentence first. I also used mnemonics of the first letters of each sentences. And the most important is practicing.

I created my own exam sheet with 100 items. I answered the exam sheet I made. Whenever I made mistakes on my practice exam, I re-do answering the exam again. I answered the exam sheet I created repeatedly…until I perfect it.

By the time of the exam, I was confident and not overwhelmed with the test paper.

7) I study in advance during my free time so I can participate during discussion. 

I love reading. I love learning new things. So, when I have a spare time, I get ahead in studying the next lesson. I read, highlight, and then write a reviewer. When the teacher/professor discusses the topic already, I can recite.


Prioritize studying before any parties or hangouts with your friends. You can do that after studying and finishing your assignments.
You are lucky to study, not everyone is privileged enough to go to school or even have books to read. Do not waste the hard-earned money of your parents or relatives just to send you to school. Do your best. Always do your best. Education is not for your parents, it is for you…to have a secure successful future.
I wish you all the best.
Be smart. Be wise.


14 thoughts on “My 7 Study Habits : How to Always Score an “A”


    Wow Thanks for this! it Motivates me to Study hard in class because my grades are low.
    and i think that your also beautiful. “Beauty and Brain :))

  2. Yee

    Thank you so much!! Huge help!! All I need to do is motivate myself to really do these lol Anyway, may I ask? Where college did ya graduate from?

      1. thekyrahbanks Post author

        Haha You’re welcome. It is my pleasure to be of help. I’ll try to compose a blog on How to Motivate Ourselves 😉 I wish you all the best!

    1. Juris

      This is very helpful since you are a living proof that these tips really work! Love you to pieces! I’m pretty confident that you know me. 😉

  3. Mark Yeow

    Such good tips. I always “tested” myself with English notes and quotes (and everyone laughed when I said my study was just me talking to myself…but it worked).

    When you love learning, you realise it’s a gift…where both the giver and receiver grow. Don’t stop giving : )


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