My 7 Beauty Essentials – PART 2

Do you want to find out how to keep your MakeUp last the whole day?


Here are my second set of 7 Beauty Essentials
that I use to maintain my face fresh and to keep MakeUp last
(Stay tuned for the Part 3 of my Beauty Essentials: MakeUp Tools)
1)  I apply Eye Cream every morning  and at night.

I alternately use Lancome Genifique Yeux -Light Pearl and Kiehl’s Line-Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate.

Kiehl’s Line-Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate contains a potent concentration of pure Vitamin C which helps reduce signs of skin aging around the eyes. The ingredient  in the Kiehl’s Eye Cream that helps reduce darkness in the eyebags and helps brighten the eye area is the Haloxyl. As per my own observation, Kiehl’s Eye Cream is more effective than Lancome’s.                                                   | Price: $ 47.00 / Php 1,700++ | Available in :Kiehl’s Store |

Lancome Genifique Yeux -Light Pearl comes with a metal rotating applicator that can massage the eye area. It helps reduce crow’s feet and brighten the undereyes. I noticed that my dark eyebags lightens with frequent use.                                                                                                                             | Price: $ 68.00 / Php 2,900++ | Available in : Lancome Shop & website |

TIP: Apply the Eyecream in your undereyes, the sides of your eyes, and your eyelid.

IMG_6632 IMG_6631                                        Photographed by: @thekyrahbanks
2)  If I’ll be exposed outdoors, I apply Sunscreen BB Cream with high SPF and PA+++.

I use Lancome’s UV Expert GN-Shield BB Complete SPF 50 PA+++. It protects and corrects our skin. The Blemish Balm (BB) in this product helps cover imperfections while providing a smooth translucent finish. Another wonderful ingredient in this product is the GN-Shield, because it provides protection in our skin against the irreversible negative effects of UVB and UVA rays.                                        | Price: $ 28.75 / Php 1,200++  | Available in : Lancome Shop & website |

SPF protects us from UVB rays that commonly cause skin cancer. UVB rays are prevalent during summer, although UVB can reflect in water or snow. While the PA+++ shields us from UVA rays that are always present all year round regardless if it’s a cloudy day. It can even penetrate car glasses and clothing. UVA rays are responsible for skin damage and fast skin aging. (Adkins, J., UVA & UVB Rays, 2014)

admin-ajax (1)                                      Photographed by: @thekyrahbanks 
3)  I invest on a high-quality  Liquid Foundation.

Aside from the moisturizer and face primer, this is one of the base makeup in our face. It touches our skin the entire day and it gives a high influence in our skin texture. A liquid foundation must have an SPF especially if you go outdoors frequently.

I am a fan of Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF15 because it never crease, even during summer days and intense sun exposure.                                                                             | Price: $ 48.00 / Php 2,000++ | Available in : Bobbi Brown Shop & website |

TIPS: (a) Before you buy a liquid foundation, have it tested in your face in order to get the proper shade. Observe for the whole day if there are any reactions in your skin, such as acne building up or redness. If it doesn’t have any negative reactions, then you may proceed on purchasing the foundation.  (b) Apply liquid foundation in your neck as well, so the skintone will look even with your face. IMG_6636                                   Photographed by: @thekyrahbanks
4) I use a Concealer with thick coverage.

This concealer from Cinema Secrets does miracles! It covers undereye darkness and blemishes very well. This is my favorite beauty essential!                                                                                                       | Price: $ 27.00++ / Php 1,200++ | Available in : Landmark and SM Department Stores |

IMG_6637                                                 Photographed by: @thekyrahbanks
5) I apply Powder Foundation that has SPF and PA+++.

 I use alternately these three powder foundations depending on the occasion.

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation is long-wearing and it provides full coverage finish.This foundation allows the skin to breathe with its light and smooth finish.                                                                                        | Price: $ 27.00 / Php 1,000++  | Available in : MAC Shop & website |

MAC Lightful Marine-Bright Formula Powder Foundation has SPF 25 and PA+++. I have an acidic skin and this was recommended to me. Lipsticks and foundation applied on an Acidic Skin will discolor and darken eventually. This product from MAC works very well in my skin.                                 | Price: $70.00 / Php 3,000.00  | Available in : MAC Shop |

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder  with SPF 20 is very reliable during sunny days and hot weather. Even I am sweating, it never cakes or crease. I use this when I’ll be exposed in too much sunlight.                                                                                                                                                 | Price: $45.00 / Php 1,900++  | Available in : Laura Mercier Shop & website |

IMG_6642                                        Photographed by: @thekyrahbanks
6) I put Eyeshadow Primer in my eyelids before i apply eyeshadows and  I apply as well below my waterline before I use eyeliner.

This is A-MUST-HAVE!!! This is a very relevant makeup product because it makes the eyeshadows stick and last longer in the eyelids. The eyeshadow colors will appear brighter with the use of this primer. It also prevents eyeshadows from creasing. I put a little bit of this below my waterline as well, in order to prevent the eyeliner from smudging.                                                                                  | Price : $20.00 / Php1,670.00 | Available in : Urban Decay Website, Sephora & Online Stores | IMG_6638                                      Photographed by: @thekyrahbanks

7) I use MakeUp Remover  after washing my face at night to remove makeup residues.

Not all the makeups are removed by washing our face. We have to use MakeUp Remover to get rid of residues left in our face, especially the waterproof makeup products. Wet the cotton with the MakeUp Remover and then wipe gently into your eye area. You will notice there are make up products that will stick in the cotton.                                                                                                           | Price: $ 28.00 / Php 1,200++  | Available in : Lancome Shop & website |

admin-ajax                                       Photographed by: @thekyrahbanks
You may comment below or send me a message if you have any questions 🙂 
Until my next post! Stay beautiful inside and out!
– @thekyrahbanks

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