My 7 Beauty Essentials – PART 1

Do you want a glowing acne-free skin? Are you bothered with your blackheads? Do you want to get rid your dark eyebags and erase the unwanted lines in your face?


Here are my 7 Beauty Essentials
that I use to keep my face fresh and acne-free
(Stay tuned for the Part 2 of my Beauty Essentials: MakeUp)
1)  I drink Vitamin E every night.

Vitamin E has antioxidant properties that helps our skin glow naturally. It also improves our nerve functions.

| Price: $7.00++ / Php343.00 | Available in : Any Drugstore |


2)  I wash my face every morning with Carrot Soap.

This is our family beauty secret from my grandmother to her daughters and then passed to us. Whenever we buy this soap we buy several boxes in Butuan City. It is not available in any stores here. You can drop me a message if you want this carrot soap 😉

Whenever I have acne, I apply this carrot soap and I will let it dry for 5 minutes before I wash my face. The next day my acne will dry up and eventually disappear.

| Price Range: $6.00++ / Php180.00 – Php500.00 *depends on the brand* | Available in : Beauty Bar (P500+), Landmark Department Store (P180+)

3) I put Eyebag Patches once a week or when necessary.

There are unavoidable nights that you have to stay up late and then voila! The next day you have dark circles already. These patches contain sunflower seed oil and phyto-collagen that help diminish darkness in your under eye.

Start with a clean face and then put the patches. Leave it for 30 minutes and then remove the patch.

| Price: $2.00++ /  Php79.75 | Available in : Watsons |


4) I use Nose Pore Strips every two weeks to get rid of blackheads & whiteheads.

I feel untidy whenever I see blackheads lingering around my nose. When it’s hot outside our pores tend to open and then dirt enter the openings.

This deep cleansing Nose Pores Strips has hazel and aloe vera extract. Your face must be clean before using the nose strips. Wet your nose and then put the strip. After 10-15 minutes you peel off the strip and wash your face. You will see whiteheads and blackheads stick in the Nose Strip.

| Price: $2.20++ / Php99.00 | Available in : Watsons |


5) I put Face Mask filled with extracts and nutrients every two weeks.

This is my favorite facial treatment. Face mask helps brighten and nourish our skin.

The Red Ginseng Extract in the Face Mask helps remove dead skin cells and enable to produce healthy new glowing skin. It is actually used as an anti-aging skin care.

Using Face Mask is a great way to pamper yourself. I am always excited to try different face masks because the extracts and nutrients included vary per pack.

Peel off the mask after 30 minutes.

| Price Range: $1.50++ / Php54.75 – Php79.75 *depends on the type of treatment and brand* | Available in : Beauty Bar & Watsons |



6) I use Face Hydrating Toner  after washing my face at night.

Not all dirt and makeup are removed by washing our face. We use toner to deeply clean and remove the unwanted residues left in our face.

Wet the cotton with the toner and then rub gently all over your face and neck. You will notice there are dirt particles and make up products that will stick in the cotton.

| Price Range: $8.50++ / Php325.00- Php395.00 (Avalon Brand) *depends on the brand* | Available in : Healthy Options & Watsons |


7) I put Moisturizer in my face and neck every morning and evening.

Why using a Moisturizer is very important? It maintains moisture in our face and promotes faster skin cell renewal. Dry skin are caused by lack of moisture and this will lead into fast skin aging and skin damage.

The Olive Leaf Extract in this moisturizer helps protect the skin from sun damage and leads to tightened skin.

It is very important to also apply moisturizer in the neck. One of the first body parts that show signs of aging is this area, and this can be prevented with the use of moisturizer.

| Price Range: $6.50++ / Php195.00 (Ziaja Brand) – Php450.00 (Greek Brand) *depends on what brand | Available in : Beauty Bar |


Here’s the second portion of my Beauty Essentials 🙂
You may comment below or send me a message if you have any questions 🙂 
Until my next post! Stay beautiful inside and out!
– @thekyrahbanks


13 thoughts on “My 7 Beauty Essentials – PART 1

  1. Lin

    You have gorgeous skin, so obviously your regiment is working. If I could remember to do all that I would, but age (and wrinkles) are setting in quickly!

  2. thefitslp

    I would love (!) to try carrot or tomato soap. I will have to see if I can find any in my area.

    I also wonder if a homemade version is possible? I’m always up for using my food processor!

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