GREECE : Athens and Ancient Olympics

Here is the second portion of my trip to Greece. We visited the Parthenon of Athens and the archeological sites of Ancient Greek temples. On a separate day, we visited the Ancient Olympics Stadium in Olympia.  I included the tour costs in this travel blog
You may check out the first portion  : My Trip to Greece : Crete and Rhodes

Athens, Greece

Tour Cost per Person with Ride and Tour Guide:

Visit to Acropolis                                                                                                                                              € 62.00 ++ | $ 78.64 ++ | Php 3,533.00++

Visit around Athens, Acropolis and  New Acropolis Museum                                                                           € 69.00 ++ | $ 87.52 ++ | Php 3,932.00++

Visit to Acropolis and Plaka, Athens    (an old Historical  place with Neoclassical architectures)                   € 62.00 ++ | $ 78.64 ++ | Php 3,533.00


This is the main tourist attraction in Athens:

Parthenon, Acropolis

Tour Cost per Person with Ride and Tour Guide:
Tour around Athens and Main Ancient Greek Religious Sanctuaries                                                               € 99.00 ++ | $ 125.57 ++ | Php 5,642.00++
Visit to Main Ancient Greek Religious Sanctuaries  ONLY                                                                              € 53.00 ++ | $ 67.22 ++ | Php 3,020.00++

The Parthenon was dedicated to Athena,  Athens’ patron goddess. Throughout history its function changed from temple to church into a mosque. The ancient Greeks bring their offerings to this temple.

6 (30)

6 (36)


6 (31)


The temple of Athena was under renovation.

6 (28) 6 (29)

Jump shot!!!!

6 (33)


Cobbled stone walls.

  6 (17)


With our Tour Group.

 6 (15)


Odeon of Herodes

It is an ancient Greek amphitheater that can seat 5,000 people. In the 1960’s, Frank Sinatra conducted two concerts in this place.

View from the top.

6 (19)


View from the ground.

6 (16)


Fascinated with this huge boulder. Puuuuussshhh!!!

6 (18)

6 (20)

At the entrance, there are souvenir shops in kiosks that give good prices. We bought the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena, and the god of war, Aries.



Tour Cost per Person No Tour Guide:
Entrance Fee to Athens National Archeological Museum   (Open 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.)                              € 7.00 | $ 8.88 ++ | Php 400.00++
Entrance Fee to Acropolis Museum (Open 8:30a.m.-5:30p.m. Closed: every Monday)                                € 7.00 | $ 8.88 ++ | Php 400.00++

Temple of Hephaestus

This temple is dedicated for the the Greek god of craftsmanship. Compared to other Greek Temples, this particular structure is preserved well. It was eventually converted into a Christian Church dedicated to St. George. Later on it became an archaeological museum, then a burial place in the 1900’s and finally became an ancient monument.

6 (22)


Propylaea Athens

The main entrance going to the Acropolis of Athens.

6 (23)


When we came, almost every area were under renovation.

6 (24)

6 (25)



This is a temple dedicated to Poseidon and Athena

6 (26)


Mount Lycabettus

It is a mountain in the middle of the City of Athens surrounded by pine trees. Legend tells a story that it was once a home of wolves. At present, a church of St. George is built in its peak.

6 (34)


There are restaurants and an open-air theater at the top of the mountain where international concerts were held, like performances from Bob Dylan and Moby.



 Arch of Hadrian

It is a Roman monumental gateway.

6 (14)


Temple of Zeus

Tour Cost per Person NoTour Guide:
Entrance Fee to Acropolis of Athens , Ancient Agora of Athens, Kerameikos Museum, Roman Agora of Athens Temple of Zeus     (Open 8:30a.m.-5:30p.m. Closed: every Monday)                                            € 12.00 | $ 15.22 ++ | Php 684.00++ per person

Only a few columns survived from what once an enormous temple for the king of Olympian Greek gods, Zeus.

6 (35)


Here’s a train that moves around and drop off tourists to important sites.

6 (37)


Panathenaic Stadium

 This is where the first Modern Olympic Games were held in 1896. It is one of a kind, because the structure is made of white marble. The Panathenaic Stadium was built from the ruins of an ancient Greek Stadium.

6 (3)

I don’t understand why my brother wants to dive to the ground. Haha!

6 (4)

6 (5)6 (6) 6 (7)

City Tour around Athens
Tour Cost per Person with Ride and Tour Guide:
Panoramic Tour around Athens by Bus                                                                                                           € 59.00 ++ | $ 74.84 ++ | Php 3,362.00 per person
Visit to the Canal and Ancient Corinth                                                                                                              € 45.00 ++ | $ 58.28 ++ | Php 2,540.00

6 (9)

Parliament Building, used to be a Royal Palace during the 18th century

Guard ceremony in Syntagma Square

6 (10)

6 (11) 6 (12) 6 (13)


Athenian shore.

6 (38)


Greek Sunset

6 (39)

Olympus, Greece

Tour Cost per Person with Ride and Tour Guide:

Visit to the Excavations in OlympiaAncient Olympics and the Archaeological Museum                                 (with Tour Guide)      € 59.00 ++ | $ 74.84 ++ | Php 3,362.00++

Entrance fee to Olympia -Ancient Olympics  (No Tour Guide)                                                                      € 9.00 ++ | $ 11.42 ++ | Php 512.90++

Ancient Olympic Stadium

My brothers and I ran in this Ancient Olympic Stadium to complete the experience.

This temple must be so glorious with this kind of tall column!

This is where the Olympic fire used to be lit.

7 (17)

7 (5)

My signature pose for the rest of the trip. (I know it looks silly -___- )

Behind the scenes. Haha!

7 (15)


My brother cooperating with me. Haha!


The walls are so ancient! This is the entrance going to the Ancient Olympic Stadium.

7 (14)


The beauty of ruins.

7 (4)  7 (6) 7 (7) 7 (8)

7 (9)

Ruins of Temple of Zeus in Olympia

7 (13)

7 (12)

   7 (16)

Ancient Greek message engraved in this stone.

An7 (20) 7 (21) 7   7 (3)

Breakfast by the Aegean Sea, between Greece and Turkey


My 22nd Birthday Celebration

Cruise Ship

Woke up with a surprise bouquet of roses and a bottle of champagne.


4-1 4 (2) 7 7-1

6  5

My birthday party extended in the bar with my Italian and  French friends.

Where ever you may be, an appreciative attitude makes any place beautiful 🙂 — Kyrah Banks ♥

My Trip to Greece : Crete and Rhodes Islands

    We toured all over Greece during my 22nd Birthday Celebration. I will share with you the Must-See Places and the  Cost of each tours.
This is the first part of  my travel blog covering   Crete, Palace of King Minos,  Rhodes and Temple of Apollo.
The second portion of my travel blog about Greece will cover Athens, Parthenon, Temple of Athena, Olympus and the Ancient Olympic Stadium.


Crete , Greece

The largest island in Greece

Knossos Minoan Site, Heraklion

3 (14)

Tour Cost per Person with Ride and Tour Guide:

Visit to Knossos and the Museum                                                                                                                    € 52.00 ++ | $ 67.35 ++ | Php 2,935.00

Visit to the Palace of Phaestos/ Festos (brother of King Minos)                                                                       € 45.00 ++ | $ 58.28 ++ | Php 2,540.00

Visit to Kritsa & Agios Nikolaos (the capital of Eastern Crete)                                                                        € 45.00 ++ | $ 58.28 ++ | Php 2,540.00

Visit all over Knossos, Kritsa & Agios Nikolaos                                                                                               € 79.00 ++ | $ 102.32 ++ | Php 4,457.00++


Palace of King Minos

The Minoan palace features Royal quarters, store rooms  and shrines. It was rebuilt several times because of the damages caused by two earthquakes.


 The lane going inside the King’s throne room


The King’s receiving area

3 (2)


The King’s throne

3 (3)


This is how brief you can peek into the Throne Room

3 (4)


The remains of what once a glorious civilization

3 (9)

3 (5)


Ancient Storage area

3 (15)


What the Minoan Empire used to look like

3 (10)


The famous columns that are always present in photos of Crete

3 (17)

3 (19)


It is a must to take a photo with this scenery

3 (16)


The remaining ruins


3 (20)

3 (12)

3 (13)


You may roam around inside

3 (18)


3 (11)

3 (23)


What made Crete even more interesting is that it is where the Labyrinth and the Minotaur myth  originated.

3 (22)


This path to the Labyrinth

3 (21)


Museum in Knossos


Life-size statues of the gods and goddesses


Souvenirs from Crete

This is my ultimate favorite souvenir that we got from Greece! A Chess set comprising with miniature Greek ensemble.

Depends on the size     € 50.00 –  € 75.00 ++ | $ 64.80- $97.00++ | Php 2,800 – Php4,200++


Here’s a closer look of the chess pieces.



Port of Crete

3 (25)


The port of Crete at night

3 (26)


Rhodes , Greece

The island has a variety of cultures and identities throughout the history because it is located at the crossroads of Middle East, Europe and Africa. Rhodes is well known for the Colossus of Rhodes site. It was one of the Seven Wonders of the world.


Overlooking Rhodes

5 (2)

Tour Cost Per Person with Ride and Tour Guide:

Tour around Rhodes                                                                                                                                      € 43.00 ++ | $ 55.00 ++ | Php 2,400.00++

Tour around Lindos                                                                                                                                       € 56.00 ++ | $ 72.50++ | Php 3,160.00++

Visit to Lindos and the Old City of Rhodes                                                                                                  € 74.00 ++ | $ 95.00 ++ | Php 4,180.00++

Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes                                                                                 € 8.00 ++ | $ 10.36 ++ | Php 450.00++

Rhodes Archaeological Museum                                                                                                                 € 3.00 ++ | $ 3.89 ++ | Php 170.00++

5 (14)

We rented a car and the Greek driver drove us around. The good thing about renting a car instead of going into groups of tourists, is that you can take your time exploring the tourist spot without rushing.

Car Rental Rates per Day :  

Regular Sedan   € 35.00 –  50.00 ++ | $ 45.00 – $65.00++ | Php 2,500 – Php2,800++

Mini Van             € 55.00 –  € 80.00 ++ | $ 71.00 – $104.00++ | Php 3,100 – Php4,500++

Mercedes Benz  € 150.00 –  € 220.00 ++ | $194.00 – $284.00++ | Php8,500 – Php12,400++               (This was the car we rented. There’s an additional charge for hiring a driver.)



Temple of Apollo at the Acropolis of Rhodes

Entrance Fee : FREE

5 (17) 


Failed creative shot haha!

5 (24)5 (19)


This tree looks so majestic in person, this is in front of the temple of Apollo.

5 (20)


Gate d’Amboise to the Medieval City

5 (16)

5 (8)

5 (23)


Evangelismos Church

5 (11) 5 (12)


The Avenue of the Knights




Hippokratous Square Medieval Fountain

5 (25)

The medieval fortress

There are several restaurants and shops in this place


House decor made of Dried fish and other sea creatures



Lindos has promising white beaches and archeological sites. It takes an hour drive from Rhodes to Lindos.

5 (13)

5 (18)

Unfortunately, we missed visiting the Diagoras Stadium. It was dedicated and named after a man from Rhodes who won Olympic Game, Pythian Games, Isthmian and the Nemean Games.

   5 (10)   5 (15)

Here are the Must-Visit Sites in Lindos

Athena Lindia Doric Temple  (Acropolis of Lindos, includes an Ancient Amphitheater)                           € 6.00 ++ | $ 7.77++ | Php 340.00++

St. Paul’s Beach  (Parasol and Lounge Rental)     € 8.00 ++ | $ 10.36++ | Php 450.00++

Columns of the Hellenistic stoa  (included on the Travel Package already)

Castle of Lindos  (included on the Travel Package already)


Stay tuned for my second Travel Blog about the other side of Greece :  Athens, Parthenon, Temple of Athena, Olympus and the Ancient Olympic Stadium.

Sneak peek of my Birthday Celebration in Greece.

5 (2)

Experiencing new adventures widens our perspective. — Kyrah Banks ♥
2 Peter 1:3 (NIV)
His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.

One Lovely Blog AWARD

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Ms. Nad (HugsXHeart) and Ms. Serena  for nominating me for this award.


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1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
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7 things about me

1. I used to rap and do beatbox together with my friends. We filmed some of it in the Mall of Asia (one of the biggest Mall in the world). I occasionally do it until now. Haha!
2. I suck in badminton, that’s why I signed up in cheerleading pepsquad (a flyer, the one being tossed)
3. I always get food poisoned. I usually get 3-5 poisoning incidents in a year.
4. I can eat grilled lamb burgers with bleu cheese all my life!
5. I’m a daredevil. I love doing fun and risky activities like parasailing, cliffdiving and riding extreme rides. It excites me.
6. I started writing poems when I was ten.
7. My siblings and I used to go to a stream to swim. I used to catch tadpoles and brought them home in a jar. The tadpoles, miraculously vanished though.

I nominate the following bloggers:




My Favorites last ♥ AUGUST ♥

Here are my AUGUST Favorite Skin Care, Make Up, Clothing, Accessories, Healthy Goodies and Book ! 
Plus, some beauty and fashion advice!


Skin Care Favorites

Eyebags Patches with Gingko Biloba Extract

This can do miracles. I place the patches in my eyebags area then I sleep for 6-7 hours before I remove the patches. Voila! My dark circles and eye puffiness are gone!

This Eyebags Patches of Purederm has Gingko Biloba Extract and Phyto-Collagen. Gingko Biloba has anti-aging and antioxidant properties that can protect the skin from radicals. Phyto is another term for plant. Phyto Collagen is capable of repairing damaged skin and preventing wrinkles. I already wrote about this in my previous blog My 7 Beauty Essentials – PART 1 (read here…)

Recently, I have been playing Dead Island and Sims 3 until dawn these days. I look like a zombie myself!  I am so glad I found this!!!

| Price: $1.83++ / Php79.75++ / Euros 1.41++ | Available in : Watsons & Drug Stores |

Purederm Peel-Off Mask with Cucumber Extract

This my most favorite of all!!! This is a deep cleansing gel with Cucumber Extract is to be applied in the face, avoiding eyes and lips, and then leave it for 15-20 minutes. When the Cucumber Gel is already dry you can peel it off.

Whenever I use this I can feel my skin became smoother! The stubborn dirt will stick into the gel and then removed when you peel it.   *Important* Do not pull the mask off you face, just slowly peel the sides so it won’t damage your skin.

Cucumber Extract is not irritating to sensitive skin and it has anti-inflammatory properties. It contains a substance called Lutein that prevents skin discoloration caused by sun exposure. So, if you had been exposed to sun frequently it is advised to add cucumber solutions in your skin care to have a balanced skin color.

| Price: $2.00++ / Php89.00++ / Euros 1.54++ | Available in : Watsons & Drug Stores |

Prada Perfumed Body Cream

This smells so great! I usually put this after I shower. I apply a thin layer of Prada Cream Perfume in my neck near the ears, in my chest, in my nape, in my wrist, in the back of my elbow and in the back of my knee. I only apply once and it lasts for the whole day.

When I sweat or when the wind blows, I can smell the floral-woody scent of this creamy perfume.

| Price: $105.00++ / Php 4,570.00++ / Euros 81.00++ | Available in : Sephora & Prada Store |


Makeup Favorites

Etude Lips-Talk in  “Dear My Essence” (Code: BE103)

Based in my skin color, coral lip shades suites me best. This lipstick is creamy and keeps my lips moisturized. It gives a deep coral a bit orange color in my lips.

This Etude Lipstick became my favorite because it prevents my lips from dryness while providing an excellent color.

| Price: $10.97++ / Php 478.00++ / Euros 8.50++ | Available in : Etude & Beauty Stores |
NYX Soft Matter Lip Cream in  “Buenos Aires”

This shade is in Light Peach color. I usually use this when I do subtle dark shade smokey-eyes. What I love in this NYX Lip Creme is that it give a totally Matte finish that I like, plus it doesn’t smudge!

MAKEUP ADVICE :      Use light-shade lipstick to compliment dark shade eyeshadow. While dark-shade lipstick must be used for light shade or no eye makeup looks. This must be observed to maintain balance in the face.

Dark lips with dark eye makeup gives too much intensity and gives an impression of overly done makeup. Light lips with light eye makeup gives a pale and undone look.

| Price: $6.00++ / Php 280.00++ / Euros 4.60++ | Available in : Sephora & Online Stores |


Clothing Favorites

H&M Aztec Shorts

Black and white combination of Aztec design can match and compliments any “plain” colored top like red, blue yellow and other colors.

FASHION ADVICE :     It is important that we don’t match printed top with printed shorts or bottoms, because it looks overdone and over decorated. Choose only one printed clothing that you want to emphasize by partnering it with something plain.

| Price: $20.00++ / Php 899.00++ / Euros 15.93 ++ | Available in :H&M |


High-Waist Lace  Ribbon Shorts in Grey

I love the uniqueness of this shorts. I like it even more because it is in Lace!!! I usually tuck-in my top to show  the ribbon. Since it is grey, I can pair it with any color.

| Price: $8.03++ / Php 350.00++ / Euros 6.20++ | Available in : Online Stores |


Tank top with White Lace Accent in Light Peach

I am so attracted with the lace details in this top. It can be paired with a skirt to give a “Sunday-look”, or it can be partnered with a white pants to look classy.

| Price: $9.64++ / Php 420.00++ / Euros 7.40++ | Available in : Bazaar & Online Store |


Bershka Knitted Sweater in Light Old Rose

Even it is simple, I like the details and the design of the knits. This is good in keeping me warm against cold breeze and rainy days.  Old Rose is my favorite color this month!

| Price: $34.32++ / Php 1,495.00++ / Euros 26.50++ | Available in : Bershka Store |


Accessories Favorites

 Jeweled Eiffel Tower Duo-Ring


This ring can hold two fingers. When I hold something like a glass or my phone the Eiffel Tower Ring is standing. Moreover its embedded jewels are flashing.

| Price: $18.00++ / Php 785.00++ / Euros 14.00++ | Available in : Jewelry Store or Online |


 Hand-Woven Body Bag made of Pineapple leaves and Nipa

I love buying handmade and organic raw products. This is a Philippine-made pineapple leaves and nipa woven bag. The bag is sturdy and fashionable at the same time. I use this kind of small bags when I’m going out for short period of time that contains wallet, keys and phone only.

| Price: $4.15++ / Php 180.00++ / Euros 3.20++ | Available in : Filipino (Asian) Store |


 Black and Gold Bracelets


Black bracelets looks good in fair skin. It gives an accent to your outfit. You may use this together with a tank top, shirt or a black dress.

| Price: $8.72++ / Php 380.00++ / Euros 6.75++ | Available in : Jewelry Store |


 Long Silver Earrings 


This earrings is 2-inches long. I like this because it gives my body an impression of a taller look.

| Price: $18.34++ / Php 799.00++ / Euros 14.16++ | Available in : Aldo Store |


Healthy Favorites

 Berocca Vitamins


This is very effective on treating dizzy hangovers. I take this as well when I feel I’m going to catch a cold. There are days that I feel so weak from Krav Maga training, I will just take one tablet of this then I’ll be fuelled with energy.

Vitamin B-Complex contains 8 B Vitamins that helps our body energized because it turns our food into energy fuel. It has the capacity to prevent migraine and memory loss. In addition, it keeps the hair and skin healthy.

Zinc, on the other hand, strengthens our immune system and makes healing fast. It activates as well the 100 beneficial enzymes.

While Magnesium benefits the transmission of nerve impulses. It is responsible as well for energy production and body detoxification.

Just put one tablet in a cold water, let the tablet dissolve in just few seconds then drink it.

| Price: $9.00++ / Php 395.00++ / Euros 6.95++ | Available in : Drugstore |


 Lemon Ginger Twinings Tea

 Whenever I acquire wounds, I would drink ginger tea to fight infection and to hasten healing. Infected wounds will not heal. Ginger can reduce nausea and inflammation of muscles. If you are experiencing menstrual pain, ginger can relieve pain and helps relax the muscles. While if you frequently drink alcohol, taking ginger tea will help remove the harmful toxins in your liver.

What I love more about this tea is that it has Lemon!!!

Lemon can help reduce headache and fatigue. On stressful situations Lemon tea is highly recommended because it can easily calm the nerves. Lemon helps flush out of our body the unwanted toxins and excess mucus. It contains high amount Pectin Fiber that can help fight unnecessary food craving and will result to effective weight loss.

| Price: $17.04++ / Php700.00++ / Euros 12.72 ++ | Available in : Any Supermarket |


 Oaties Milk of Oishi

What? Oats and milk combined in one drink?! When I first tasted this, I felt heaven in my mouth! It is so delicious I almost finish one liter in a day!

The fiber in oats called Beta-Glucan can help remove bad cholesterol and keep the good ones.

| Price: $1.50++ / Php65.00++ / Euros 1.15 ++ | Available in : Any Supermarket |


 Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon

The story is about a multi-billion company that is newly under control by a witty heiress who is being hunted by an unknown dangerous murderer. The book vividly describes the  famous places from Italy, Paris, Switzerland and London. 

| Price: $ 8.24++ / Php 359.00++ / Euros 6.36 ++ | Available in : Bookstores |

Always keep in mind, a balanced life is a happy life. —Kyrah Banks
Gingko Biloba (
Phyto Collagen (
Cucumber Extract (
Vitamin B Complex (
Zinc (
Magnesium (
Ginger (
Lemon (
Oats (

When Murder is Not a Crime : A Short Story

 When Murder is Not a Crime

by Kyrah Banks



October 14, 2014 10p.m.

So, this how it feels like stabbing someone. I am letting my rage strengthen my body. He is not producing any sounds of anguish anymore. I can’t count how many times I let my kitchen knife penetrate his chest, probably nine or eleven times. I don’t know… and I don’t care.


September 10, 2008 8 p.m.

We were deliriously happy. For a moment I want to freeze the whole world just to be in this moment forever. Eight years, we both waited for this moment. I remember back in college, I would practice my signature once I become his wife. I should say he is my happy-ever-after.


March 18, 2012

It is true that you will never know what kind of person you’re married to not until you lived with him in the same roof for several years. I am alienated with the person I share a bed with. We are now two strangers living in an empty yet decorated Victorian house. Although we still talk, having conversations of anger, of complains and of “I am leaving” threats.

I think we are stagnant. We don’t have children. I think that’s a huge factor why he is not romantic with me anymore. And the time came when we both stopped trying.

It started on harsh shouts of how stupid I could be by forgetting to purchase his shaving cream. Months passed, hurtful words became painful pushes and grabs in my arm for not unplugging the iron and several other classic stupidities of mine. I understand him. He might be stressed in work…and frustrated in not impregnating me.

I almost dialed my parents once to report this tremendous abuse. I tried threatening him on filing a case, and he would stop for days because he doesn’t want to stain his clean records he carefully kept for his aim to be an associate in father’s law office.

I had been avoiding mirrors these days. The last time I looked, I simply cried for hours. I saw a woman who was once lively is now an empty vessel full of despair. It tore my heart. I lost myself. I lost interest in the book that I’m writing. I lost the motivation to live. What happened to us?

I hoped every day that he will change. Or I will change and suppress my natural talent of doing stupid things that annoys him. Probably he is hurting me because I am allowing him by not fighting back. I read somewhere, people treat us the way we allow them to. Why am I letting him?

Before, I can’t believe that there are husbands who rape their wives. I thought it is absurd, not until I became a victim myself. After he hit my head on the table or wall, he would squeeze my neck while he forces his self in me. I was pleading him to stop yet he never did. As if he was deaf from my agonizing screams and weeps. For a moment, I thought I died. I would wake up in the kitchen floor or sometimes the corridors grasping for life and aching with severe pain in the depths of my body. I feel so humiliated. I should say he is my beloved merciless monster.


October 6,2014   11:15 p.m.

He did it again, the uninvited violent penetration of my being. This time, he constantly hit my head on the floor while doing his degrading act. He was never contented on making me feel miserable. While he was doing it, I can still feel the pain of the hot liquid that burned my chin down to my chest. He threw his coffee at me this morning when put I too much sugar in it.

I was knocked down that night, and I don’t know for how long I was out. I woke up on a rotting smell and an unforgiving pain. I looked down and there was blood surrounding me. Helpless, I called an ambulance after I cleaned myself. I don’t want anyone to notice that I am battered by my own husband. The media will feast on this scandal, for sure. And my so-called “friends” will love talking insincerely about it behind my back.

When I came back from the hospital, I made a strong decision of ending my misery.


October 16,2014

“I am not a murderer”, the words I repeatedly say whenever I was tempted to finish him. Yet I justified myself, if I have the most valid reason to do it, the authorities will not convict me of murder. They might perhaps thank me for removing a cruel person in this crime-infested world. This thought made me remember the line in the movie Wanted, “Kill one to save a thousand.” And besides, I will never let him hurt the little Stella growing inside me.

 To all the abused women in every corners of the world, this is for you. You are strong. –Kyrah Banks

Model : Kyrah Banks
Photographer : Mae Manahan


People and events in this story are purely fictional. The story doesn’t suggest murderous acts as right.

1 Peter 3:7 (NIV)
Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayers.
Ephesians 4:26 (NIV)
26 “In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry,

My 9 Hair Essentials : Avoid Hair fall and Dry Hair

        The common dilemma of almost all women are their nearly-dying dry hair and excessive hair fall. I am going to share with you my secrets on keeping my hair soft, shiny and healthy.


1) Apply Calamansi / Lemon extract into your scalp

I do this regimen once a month. Slice the Calamansi / Lemon into half. Squeeze it so it will produce the extract then rub it into your scalp. Leave it for 15-20 minutes before washing your hair.

It has antiseptic properties to prevent getting dandruff. It gives the hair a natural shine and an amazing sweet-citrus smell.

| 3/4 kilo Price: $0.23++ / Php10.00+ / Euros 0.17++ | Available in : Supermarket |


2) Go nuts! Eat nuts!

Nuts have Selenium that are beneficial to your scalp. They can naturally condition your hair because of the Omega 3 Fatty Acid in nuts. Zinc is consumed as well in eating nuts. It helps prevent excessive hair fall.

| Mixed Nuts 130g Price: $3.37++ / Php145.00 / Euros 2.46++ | Available in : Supermarket |


3) Have a Hot Oil Treatment once a week. 

Salon hot oil ranges from P250.00- P400.00 ($5 – $9 ++ / Euros 4-7++). Buying your own hot oil and doing it at home will save you money. I use this the next day after I curl my hair. I focus on the tips of my hair because that area dries easily.

I love Silk Secrets One-Minute Hot Oil. It has Aloe Vera with Vitamin E and C. Even I apply this for only 5 minutes, I already get the soft and silky result.

| Price: $3.93++ / Php169.00 / Euros 2.86++ | Available in : Watsons and Drugstores in Asia |

4) Don’t shampoo your hair daily. 

Use a shampoo that suits your preferences. Nowadays, there are several shampoos in the market that offer different effects in your hair, like anti-dandruff, straightening, thickening and many more.

I am using Sunsilk : Smooth & Manageable Shampoo with Keratin Yogurt & Nutri-Complex. It makes my hair smooth and easy to comb. I love as well the smell of this shampoo.

|180ml Price: $6.71++ / Php290.00+ / Euros 5.00+ | Available in : Online and Groceries |

5) Avoid applying Conditioner in your scalp.

Years back, I experienced excessive hair fall. To make myself at ease, I went to a dermatologist (they handle as well scalp care). My dermatologist advised that I should not put directly the conditioner into my scalp. She said conditioners are for the hair not for the scalp.

Putting conditioner into your scalp will make it extra oily and prone to dandruff. To recover from too much hair fall, apply fresh Aloe Vera into your scalp.

Of all the conditioner I tried, this Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense Conditioner is the most effective when it comes to hair fall prevention.

| Price: $6.5++ / Php280.00+ / Euros 4.85++ | Available in : Online and Groceries |

6) Do not use a brush in combing your wet hair.  

Using a brush can easily uproot your wet hair. You may use this kind of comb while your hair is wet.

Clean your comb and hair brush once a month. Dirt tend to pile up in the inner corners of the comb/hair brush.

| Price: $8.85++ / Php385.00+ / Euros 6.61++ | Available in : Online and Drugstore |


7) Put a Hair Protection Solution in your hair. 

This kind of solution must be applied to your hair after shower. It will protect your hair from dryness caused hair blower, hair iron  and sun exposure.

I am using Affinage 24 / 7 Heaven Hair Cuticle Sealer. It has orange extract in it that makes the hair shine. It has Lavender as well that makes hair soft and manageable. This Affinage solution  helps detangle stubborn messy hair.

| Price: $23.10++ / Php1,100+ / Euros 17.35++ | Available in : Online and Salons |

8) Use the “Cold” setting of your blower when drying your hair. 

Before I comb my hair, I let it dry using a hair blower.  Too much heat in your hair can cause hair damage and dryness. That’s why most often I switch the settings to Cold Blower. Although when styling my hair, I use the Heat Setting of my blower.

| Price: $47.89+ / Php2,100.00+/ Euros 36.07+|Available in :Electronic Stores & Beauty Stores |

9) Use a Mousse before curling your hair using a hair iron. 

Mousse is used to maintain the hold of your hair when you style it. I recommend you apply this to your hair before using hair iron / curler. This will also protect your hair from heat damage.

| Price: $6.35++ / Php280.00+ / Euros 4.80++ | Available in : Online and Drugstore |


Full acceptance of your own distinct beauty is much prettier than any beauty improvements. –Kyrah Banks
All the images used in this blog are photographed by me.

What’s on My Travel Bag? : MUST BRING!!!

I will share with you the important clothing, documents, and gadgets you should bring when traveling. I will also give tips on the types of bag you should use and the things that should be on every bag.

Since I handle International Marketing of our company, most of the time I am either out of town or out of the country. Aside from that, my family would sometimes tour 4-5 countries in a month or go on a cruise. With these different occasions and purposes, the things I bring vary. In general, here are the things I bring when I travel:


Before packing any clothes, check the weather and temperature forecast of the place you are going to. From there, pack the appropriate clothing to keep you comfortable, in style and according to the country’s customs.

Comfortable. If you know that the tour you will be getting will require you to walk a lot and the pathway is steep, then you should not be wearing heels! You should bring flats or rubber shoes.

 We walked the whole day so I wore my Chucks

In- Style. Before I pack, I usually research and read useful information about the country I am going to visit. This includes searching for the latest fashion trend in the place.

  In Portugal

Country’s Customs. The clothes that you should pack should be according to the country’s customs and laws. There are countries wherein women must not expose their ankles and their whole faces. Sometimes, a single woman must not travel alone. She must be accompanied by a man. Other countries are sensitive to certain topics that relates to tragedies and some words that will offend them. I know of someone dear to me who took a picture of something and the police arrested him for doing it. So not every scenes are allowed to be photographed. Be knowledgeable of all these or you may ask someone who already traveled to the country you are visiting. You don’t want to be arrested, do you?

In Mt.Fuji, Japan


With all that precautions in mind, you should pack the following:

Casual Clothing

♦ Tops & Shirts    ♦Pants, Skirts, Shorts    ♦Cardigans   ♦Dress

Windmills, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Business Clothing

♦ Long & Short Sleeves Shirt    ♦Slacks     ♦Long Skirts    ♦Blazers


Weather Based Clothing

♦ Swimwear    ♦Goggles     ♦Coat    ♦Scarf    ♦Sweater   ♦Jackets    ♦Raincoat

IMG_0887 IMG_0885


The coat that I wore here was for not-so-cold sunny weather on December. It is made of silk just enough to keep me warm from the cold breeze. This was in St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City, Rome during Christmas season.

I am wearing here a woolen red coat and I partnered it with a fur neck warmer. My pants are faded black & grey. This was during my 22nd birthday in Olympus, Greece where the Ancient Olympics were held.

Now, this is the kind of coat perfect for rainy season or white winter season. The outside layer of this coat is resistant to water/snow. This coat will prevent water/snow on wetting the clothes you have inside even if you roll into the snow. There are some coats like this that has either silk or wool in the inner layer to keep our body warm. This was during a Snow “War” with my family in Mount Titlis, Switzerland.

The Basics

♦ Underwear    ♦Bra    ♦Sleeping Clothes    ♦Warmers    ♦Socks    ♦Stockings   ♦Bathrobe

IMG_0935This is my Undies Pouch



My woolen leg warmers, socks and pajamas.



♦ Watch   ♦Bracelets   ♦Necklaces  ♦Rings ♦Hat/Cap/Bidet


 I usually use this bidet whenever I’ll be exposed in the sun too much & to give shade in my face.  In the streets of Rome, Italy going to the Vatican City.


I used this elegant black headpiece during our dinner Cruise on my birthday in Sydney, Australia.



♦ Slippers     ♦Flats/Sandals     ♦Heels   ♦Leather Shoes   ♦Rubber Shoes   ♦Boots



This looks good in pants.


Use boots that are water/snow resistant as well so your socks will not get wet. Apparently, I died on this snow fight in Switzerland!!! haha

I can hear your thoughts, “How will I pack all these?!” Don’t worry, I’ll be posting a separate Traveler’s Tip on Packing. *wink


For Bathing

♦ Soap    ♦Facial wash   ♦Shampoo & Conditioner    ♦Towel

After Bath

♦Toothpaste & toothbrush   ♦Floss  ♦Mouthwash   ♦Lotion   ♦Body Oil   ♦Deodorant   ♦Comb  ♦Cotton   ♦Cotton Buds   ♦Sunblock/ Sun Tan Lotion (Beach Trip)  ♦Contact Lens   ♦Contact Lens Antibacterial Solution   ♦Razor & Shaving Cream


Make Up

♦Toner   ♦MakeUp Remover  ♦Sunscreen for Face  ♦Moisturizer   ♦Eye Cream  ♦Liquid Foundation  ♦Concealer  ♦Powder Foundation  Blush On   ♦Travel Size MakeUp Brushes   ♦Eye Shadows  ♦Bronzer   ♦Highlighter    ♦Oil Blotting Sheets     ♦Lipbalm


My small travel makeup tools. Although I bring my regular makeup brushes whenever we go in a cruise. We have formal dinners and parties every night, so I will be needing a complete set.


I keep my MakeUps in this pouch with layered foam, so it prevents the makeups into breaking.

Other Necessities


♦Tweezers   ♦Nail Cutter & Nail File     ♦Sewing Kit    ♦Sanitary Napkin    ♦Pantyliner     ♦Tissue Paper    ♦Wet Wipes

Small Medical Kit

♦Prescribed medicine by your doctor/s    ♦Ibuprofen(Reduces Pain & Inflammation)  ♦Paracetamol(Reduces Fever)  ♦Antihistamine(For Allergies) ♦Multivitamins   ♦Other medicines for cough, colds, diarrhea & motion sickness (Ginger can aid the motion sickness) ♦ Laxative(Regulates Bowel Movement)


You can buy a packaged basic first aid kit in drugstores. Mine here, includes a pouch already.

Bags & Luggage

Below are the bags that I bring when I travel:

1) Shoulder bag 

I bring this kind of bag on the plane or when I am out for a tour or meeting for the whole day. Below are the things I have inside this bag:

♦Passport    ♦Tickets (airline, train or ship)    ♦Itinerary ♦Shades   ♦Credit & ATM Cards    ♦Pen     ♦ Identification Cards  ♦ Hotel Voucher    ♦ Cash Foreign Money  ♦Travel Insurance  ♦ Maps  ♦ Contact List of Travel Agency, Embassy, Hospital, Police and Banks  ♦Book / Magazine  ♦Cellphone  ♦Earphones  ♦Basic Medicine Kit  ♦Toothbrush & toothpaste   ♦Jacket & Scarf (in case the airplane blanket is not enough to keep you warm)   ♦Ear plugs & neck pillow




2) Luggage

I have three different types of luggage.

(a) I have a luggage that can fit clothes and pants good for 2-3 weeks.


(b) Another luggage is large enough to fit winter clothes, coats, gowns and business attires. This kind of luggage will not wrinkle my clothes.


(c) For 3-5 days trip, I have a small luggage that is just right for a short trip.

3) Small bag

I usually use this when I tour and I know I will walk around for so long. It contains the following :

♦ Photocopy of my Passport    ♦ Itinerary    ♦Wallet with the Cards, I.D.s and Cash   ♦Pen  ♦Travel Insurance  ♦ Maps  ♦ Contact List (Tour guide’s number) ♦Shades  ♦ A small travel diary  ♦Video / Camera   ♦ Charger     ♦ Tripod  ♦Extra memory card (just in case your camera’s memory is full  ♦Cellphone   ♦BasicMakeUp Kit to retouch  ♦ Alcohol   ♦Wet wipes ♦Umbrella (must be checked-in and not hand-carried at the airport, it is prohibited)



IMG_0874I have the three different cameras : Underwater Camera, Digital Camera  and Canon SLR (I was using it to take this). If I am traveling alone or with someone, I usually bring this Selfiepod and SLR Tripod.

I use SLR for art photography purposes.


I love taking pictures in the water using my Underwater Camera.



Choose a light-weight small travel notebook wherein you will write your experiences and contact numbers of your tour guide or new friends.


Usually City Maps are available at the airport or in the subway.


4) Hand-carry bag

Most of the time I shop too much and they will not fit in my luggage anymore. So bring this just in case I’ll need it. *wink


5) Laptop Bag

For work-related travels I bring my laptop for presentations and seminars. Whenever I’ll be gone for 3 weeks or more, I bring it to post pictures or to back-up my camera.


Travel. Learn new cultures. Gain new friends. Live your life as if it will be the last.
Always on the run,
~~Kyrah Banks





For Travelers, This is For You : On Process

I let my readers vote what I should blog next, and this topic won,

“What’s on My Travel Bag? : MUST BRING!!!”

I am working on it for days now. I will do my best to post it tomorrow.


My trip to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy before heading to Venice.

With work in the office piling up, I am exerting extra effort to finish taking photographs of the things one should bring when travelling.
You know me, I am a very visual person. I want you to see actual photos of my Travel Essentials.
I would like to thank the people who voted this topic, nice pick!
Anyway, enough talking…I mean typing. I better finish my tasks.
With passion & enthusiasm,
Manage time wisely. It is actually the scarcest treasure of all for people who have a lot to do. —Kyrah Banks


Liebster Award : NOMINATED Make Up

The Liebster Award

i would like to thank Ms. Yali ,  Ms. Terri and Ms. Suchita for nominating me for this Award. 


Here are  my Answers to the 11 questions.
1. What perfume is your current favorite and why?
My favorite perfume is Chloe in Rose. When I first sprayed Chloe, it’s like  thousands of roses are in there!
2. Top 3 holy grail products.
Bobbi Brown Liquid Foundation, Ziaja Multivitamin Moisturizer, and Cinema Secrets Concealer. All the products in my Beauty Essentials post (Part 1:Skin Care & Part 2: MakeUp)
3. Favorite make up trend at the moment?
Olive green smokey eyes.
4. Your signature make up look?
Purple Smokey Eyes partnered with nude lipstick and peach cheeks.
5. Where do you buy beauty products?
Beauty Bar, Sephora and Online Stores.
6. High end or drug store?
Both. There are some good quality products with reasonable prices in Drug Stores.
7. What is the wallpaper or background on your phone?
A green grass field. I’m a nature lover 😉
8. What makes you excited about beauty/makeup?
I am excited on the looks I can make with it.
9. Day make up or evening make up?
I can do more creative looks in Evening MakeUp.
10. Favorite color lipstick to wear?
Coral Peach Shade.
11. How many eyeshadows  do you own?
9 sets. I threw some that are already expired.

Below are the Rules

– You have to link back to the person that nominated you.
– You must answer all 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.
– After completing these questions you must nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and give them 11 questions of your choice.
– You must not nominate the person who nominated you.
– You must let your nominees know that they have been nominated and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it

Here are the people I nominate

Vine Vera Skin Care
 Southern Belle
City Girl
Fashion, Reviews, Loves
Aloha Beauty XO
Annie’s Beauty

My Favorites last ♥ JULY ♥

Here are my JULY Favorite Make Up, Skin Care, Clothing, Accessories, Drinks, Movie, Series and other things! 🙂

Accessories Favorites

Gucci Sunglasses


Among all the sunglasses, this caught my attention because I simply like the jewels engraved in the sides.

| Price: $454.25++ / Php19,750.00++ / Euros 339.17++ | Available in : Gucci Store |

H&M Jewelled Bracelet Ring 


It has this classy look that I like.

| Price: $7.75++ / Php340.00 / Euros 5.79++ | Available in : H&M Store |

H&M Chained Double Earrings


When I want to look like a bad-ass chick, I will to put this on.

| Price: $5.81++ / Php255.00 / Euros 4.34 ++ | Available in : H&M Store |

H&M Golden Rosary with  Jewelled Cross


This is my favorite of all. It just looks wonderful and it compliments most of my tops.

| Price: $9.77++ / Php425.00 / Euros 7.30 ++ | Available in : H&M Store |

Gray Leather Body Bag with Woven Blue Aztec Design


I am so attracted with this Blue Aztec weaved in this leather bag. Unconsciously, my favorite color is Blue. Most of my accessories, bags, shoes, and clothing are blue! haha

| Price: $73.60++ / Php3,200.00 / Euros 54.95 ++ | Available in : Promod Store |

Make Up Favorites

Dolly Wink : Volume Mascara


This is really wonderful. It gives the proper Volume that I like in my lashes without being clumpy. This is one of the make ups that I bought during my trip to Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

| Price: $7.00++ / Php343.00 | Available in : Any  Asian Beauty Store, except in the Philippines |

LB Waterproof, Smudgeproof & Sweatproof Eyeliner 


I had tried and tested this Eyeliner. It proves to be what it claims to be…very long lasting. Another plus point is that, I don’t have to sharpen this. I’ll just have to twist the tip of the pencil. I bought this as well in Japan.

| Price: $12.00++ / Php 522.00 / Euros 8.96 ++ | Available in : Online & Beauty Stores |


Skin Care Favorites

Ziaja Multivitamins Moisturizer : Vitamin F, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Provitamin B5 (d-Panthenol)


For me, this is the best moisturizer I ever used!!! I feel like my skin is healthier than ever. I can say my skin glows with this Ziaja Multivitamins Moisturizer.

| Price: $5.17++ / Php225.00 / Euros 3.86 ++ | Available in : Beauty Bar |

Clothing Favorites

Bershka Sunset Sweater


When I saw this displayed in the store, I just fell in love with it. I am a Sunset lover. Plus, it’s been raining a lot lately and this will keep me warm somehow.

| Price: $45.88++ / Php 1,995.00 / Euros 34.26 ++ | Available in : Bershka Store|

H&M Side-Lace Dress in  Light Blue 


I love the innocence and a hint of sexiness of this dress with its side-lace.

| Price: $19.30++ / Php840.00 / Euros 14.41 ++ | Available in : H&M Store|

Galaxy Dress


I like the print of this dress.

| Price: $18.40++ / Php800.00 / Euros 13.74 ++ | Available in : Online |

Fuchsia  Wedge


I love wedges, because it is not painful whenever I walk or stand for long hours. I also like the beige and brown details on the heels.

| Price: $22.54++ / Php980.00 / Euros 16.83 ++ | Available in : Department Store|


Movie Favorite

Evidence (DVD)


Can I just say that this is one of the most intense movie I’d seen!!! The twists are just crazy and unexpected. I highly recommend this.

| Price: $4.58++ / Php199.00 / Euros 3.42++ | Available in : DVD Stores |

Series Favorite

The Complete British History


I love reading or watching anything about Royalties. This DVD set is very educational and enlightening. This set has 4 DVDs that expose complete documentary of each Kings and Queens.

| Price: $27.60++ / Php1,200.00 / Euros 20.61++ | Available in : DVD Stores |

Other Favorites

Music Note Mug in Pink


I bought this because I like the G-clef handle of the mug. I got this in Akihabara (Anime Center), Tokyo, Japan.

| Price: $7.59++ / Php330.00 / Euros 5.67 ++ | Available in : Akihabara, Tokyo Japan |

Strawberry & Mango Twinings Tea


This tea is great in detoxifying our body because of the Strawberry, plus you will surely love the sweetness from the Mango.

| Price: $17.04++ / Php700.00++ / Euros 12.72 ++ | Available in : Any Supermarket |

Spend your money wisely. Know the difference between what you want and what you need.

♦♦ Kyrah Banks ♥

Matthew 6:19-21
19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.